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Farewell Ceremony 2017

The Daly College Business School Indore organized the farewell ceremony on Friday, April 7, 2017 for the 2nd year students of Class of 2017 enrolled in the degree Bachelor in Management (Business Studies) who leave for De Montfort University Leicester UK for their third year of study.

The farewell ceremony was held at the lakeside of the Daly College Campus, and was attended by the Honourable members of the Board of Governors of Daly College dignitaries from the industry and academia, students and their families, faculty, alumni and staff

Expressing happiness ahead of the farewell Day, Head of DCBS His Highness Maharaj Shri Narendra Singh ji Jhabua said, "This day marks the culmination of a rigorous and action packed year filled with learning, networking, growth and career progress and signifies a step forward for our students. They rightfully deserve the rewards and recognition that farewell day brings and it is both a pleasure and an honour to share this celebration with them. I am positive that our students will carry their learning to their professional lives and enrich their workplaces with their achievements.

Daly College Business School farewell ceremony was a scene of festivities and happy faces and emotional moments with, group photos, selfies, and celebrations adding to the mood. Family members exchanged notes of the success of their children and immensely enjoyed the farewell ceremony


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